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    If you really wish to know what raw chocolate is, then your hunt ends here. Cacao is the unprocessed and a raw chocolate form. The seeds which are not treated are denoted as cacao beans which are affirmed to be the food item rich in vital minerals as well as vitamins and act as antioxidants. These beans are the raw chocolate which anyone will love to consume. The nutrients that you can attain from the raw chocolate include fiber; protein; vital fats and oleic acid; Vitamins such as B9, B5, B3, B2 and B1; flavonoids containing the antioxidant properties along with magnesium and important minerals like manganese, copper, iron, zinc and calcium. All the nutrients present in raw chocolate make it an ideal product for attaining the health related advantages as revealed below. Mumbai escorts


  • Improved digestion It is cacao which aids in stimulating the digestive enzymes’ production in the body. Your digestion will be supported effectively by the intake of fiber present in every cacao serving. In order to improvise your system, consume raw chocolate as and when you feel the need Escorts in Mumbai• Neutralization of free radicals The antioxidants level in the raw chocolate is so high that it is capable of safeguarding your body from the neutralization of free radicals formed through smoking, pollution, sun radiation and so on. This might even lead to the damage caused to one’s healthy and fit body thereby resulting in diseases like cardiovascular issues or cancer. Its intake is a must.