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The next day, when I came out with my luggage at seven o’clock, Gangtok Escorts I saw a bag and Saira’s father had brought the auto. On the other hand, Saira too had come dressed in a women’s dress and took her farewell to her parents and joined me.

We caught a bus to our city. There was no interaction between us.

The bus had left and both of our hands were colliding. We continued to travel for many kilometers without talking. But whether Saira caught my words or not…Darjeeling Escorts I had to know.

That is why I took Saira’s hand and bothered her and asked- Saira Thanks, I will not be able to repay your favor. But I have to know one thing that I have come with me only by understanding what I said.

Looked at me in my daughter-in-law and said – say, whether a man or a woman… makes his own destiny. And today I too am going with you to make my own fortune. Or I do not want to put that burden on my parents again.

“No Saira, if this is the case, you can divorce my son and you will Siliguri Escorts,not burden your parents, I will bear all your expenses.”

“Then what kind of sin did you commit that you spend money everywhereEscorts in Gangtok, and your hands are empty and you also get slander?”

“Then I understand that there is no burden in your mind?”

He looked at me, then looked around at the bus and said kissing my hand- Papa, this is proof that I have no regrets.

Then I too kissed Saira’s hand and said – Saira, whatever our relationship is in front of the society, but from today we will remain in each other’s heart, just you have to be patient. Because I want your honeymoon to be more enjoyable than you would have dreamed of your honeymoon.

Then all the way the hands of both of us did not separate from each other.

We both reached home, Sonu opened the door. Escorts in Darjeeling,Very happy to see Saira with me. In pleasure, he held Saira tightly in his arms. The two clung to each other for a while and then Saira separated and clung to my chest.

Saira saw Sonu also stuck to my chest.

One hand of mine was stroking Sonu’s head while the other hand was stroking Saira’s back to his butt.

We kept talking for a while. Then sent Sonu to fetch food from the hotel.

As soon as Sonu left, I asked Saira to withdraw the money and said- Prepare your honeymoon according to you, the night will be the happiest day of your life.

Gradually, 15-20 days had passed for Saira but no chance was being felt. Just in the morning and evening, Saira’s eyes kept questioning me.

Meanwhile, Saira and Sonu went for a honeymoon tour.

But in the evening, a slow voice of Namaste Papa on the phone used to pierce like a Nashtar. Meanwhile I neither touched Saira nor Saira tried to touch me. Days were passing in such a way that one day Sonu came and told that he had to go with his boss in the morning on the second day and on the second night he would come back.

My heart was very happy with this thing of Sonu.

When I looked at Saira, she kept her eyes down with the nails of her feet as she was digging the ground.

The next day Sonu left home at around 10 am. Escorts in Siliguri

 As soon as she left, Saira clung to me and said, Dad, for tonight I did not know how many nights I was waiting with restlessness.

“Go Saira, you make your preparations and I decorate my bedroom.”

Then I asked Saira her panty and bra size. Saira said very easily – there is a bra of 80 size and Panty of 85 size.

I came out of the house and bought a beautiful gold necklace to gift to Saira, took a panty-bra of her size and along with a lot of flowers I reached home.

I gave bras, panties and flowers to Saira. Saira was very happy to see the flower.

Then I asked Saira to go to the beauty parlor.

Saira said while going out- Papa, today you Gangtok Call Girls,will find a bride only!

“And you a groom, who will make you a woman from a bud and a woman from a girl tonight.”

Saira went out bowing her eyes while listening to me.

Here I laid a white sheet on my bed and covered it with three to four types of flowers. Saira returned from the beauty parlor after two-three hours, she had a glow on her face. It was seven in the evening. We both had an eagerness for physical union.

So both of us ate and after eating I told Saira to wait for me in my room wearing the bride’s dress.

After about half past eight, I came back and wearing a sherwani, I also got a groom’s getup. And came in, opening the door of his room lightly.

Closed the door and looked towards her bed, Saira was sitting in the bride’s form, shrinking herself. The fragrance of the room today was exactly the same as that of my honeymoon.

I sat next to Saira on the bed and put my hands on her head. This was probably my first opportunity for Saira to touch her hand in this way, so she assimilated herself further.

Once again I held her hand once again she came back. I lifted her chin, lifting her veil, the eyelids were still bent by Saira.

I told Saira – Saira you are looking very beautiful.

I had to say so much that Saira’s eyes turned towards me.

At the same time, I gave Saira a set of that gold necklace and said – Gift of this beautiful bride.

Now Saira was eyeing that defeat.

I asked – how was it?

Quote – very beautiful. After this I rested my head on Saira’s chest and started listening to her heartbeat. His heart was beating very fast and breathing was also very fast.

After that I removed Pallu from her head and took her nose and slowly took all the jewels off her body and kept Saira in her arms. Saira also held me tightly with her arms.

I asked Saira – Saira, are you ready?

“Hmmm!” My daughter-in-law gave a brief answer.

I slowly brought Saira to the bed and while removing the saree from her chest, kissing her chest, removed the sari stuck in the petticoat and opening the pulse of the petticoat and putting my hand inside it, started to move her pussy.

Saira’s pussy was wet. I stuck her ear between the teeth and said – Saira, you left the water.

Saira Boli – Just thinking about you from this morning. How much would I tolerate, I became wet as soon as you touched me. Please keep doing this, I am very happy to rub you like this.

Saying this, Saira made a little gap between her legs, while shrinking her legs.

What happened when Saira’s pussy got wet, my hands were still mashing her pomegranate and trying to insert the finger inside.

Then I took her melon from the top of her blouse in Darjeeling Call Girls, turn and I used to mash. Then I separated Saira’s blouse and bra from her body and ran her tongue over her tiny ponytail, rubbing her melons and cutting the grains in between. She used to live by CEEE. I would move her navel tongue on her stomach.

I was still doing that Saira Boli – Papa, Chuncup is happening, please do something!

Just wanted to say that I first stripped myself and then removed the remaining clothes of my daughter-in-law Saira and stripped her and sat between her legs.

Bahu’s pussy was quite smooth but I did not want to ask Saira anything at this time. All I did was take two pillows and put Saira’s waist down and raised her waist to the height of her waist and caressing her pussy mouth with cocks and said – Saira, today you will feel pain, jealousy, ready. The

“Papa, you do, whatever happens, I will bear it.” My daughter-in-law said.

Just wanted to say, I leaned over Saira, grabbed my cock and started inserting it with strength in Saira’s pussy.

As Saira’s pussy was making room for taking my cock inside, Saira’s screaming had started. She was scratching me and trying to push me to remove herself from me, but I was going to slowly put the cocks in her pussy while ignoring all her things.

That’s when Saira’s sickening voice came – Papa, let it be, it is hurting a lot. I am not able to stand, I will die, please leave – please leave.

But I did not pay any heed to it and put the cocks in the whole pussy.

His seal was broken because my cock was sticking.

Then I stopped her tears, her lips, and used to turn her tongue over her small nipple.

Shortly after, Saira began to lift her waist and shook her waist and set the cocks while bidding- Papa, once again, is getting choosy.

By now Saira had raised her waist two or three times.

Seeing his desire, I slowly started to get the cocks out. Now the shrinkage of her pussy started to reduce and the spread started coming. As the contraction in her pussy was increasing and more and more in the stretch, my speed was also increasing.

After that the speed got louder and Saira’s voice started coming – yes Papaji, sounds very good, do it just like that.

My speed was increasing. My room was being made witness to the sound of slap of cocks and pussy.

Many years after Sonu’s mother left, Chodane was getting pussy, that too due to Sonu’s failure!

But now I was getting tired and the breath was also inflating, so I put my weight on Saira and used to suck her melons in turn, suck her lips, bite her ears, Saira was also supporting me.

When I could control my stamina, then the rash would start. Meanwhile, twice my cock was wet well, but I do not know what was the matter that was being pushed on me. Whenever I felt that now my goods were going to come out, then I would cheat cocks, I had to exercise more.

Well how long did Amma of the goat celebrate… Siliguri Call Girls

My cock started releasing water. I did not know how much semen came out… but it was fun. Was imprisoned in ponies for many years.

I trembled while my sister-in-law fell on Saira’s bare body, and I remained on Saira until my chef came out of that hole.

Then I came next to him and lay down.

The story will continue

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