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Friends, my heartfelt gratitude to all of you that you have once again written my story

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Loved by all of you.

So friends and friends, once again while reading this new story of mine, friends get ready to lick their cocks and friends finger their pussy. I now present to you a new story in gratitude to all of you.

I will read the story as imaginary because this story of mine is a culmination of my flight of imagination and is based on a relationship, which I had to think a lot to get into the story.

Nevertheless, I have sat down to write this story to entertain you. I hope that all of you will like the story and forgive me for my mistake and also tell me whether the character of this story did what was right or not.

Friends, my name is Sahil and I have crossed 50 years of age. There is none other than my son Sonu in my house. Her mother has been around for 8 years and just two years ago my parents had also died.

Now in my house, I and my son Sonu is only 26 years old.

Sonu is good looking and works in a multinational company. I wanted to marry my son but he was not agreeing to get married.

Still, due to pressure from family members, I had to marry Sonu to a very beautiful and homely girl. However, Sonu was not in favor of marriage.

Married, guests also went to their home.

One day my daughter-in-law Saira asked me for permission to go to her maternal home. I also happily sent Saira to her house with the condition that she would return soon.

But 10 days passed, she did not come. Siliguri Escorts, I sent Sonu to bring her, but she did not even come with him and made an excuse that her health was not good.

A month passed like this.

Meanwhile, I asked my son to call Saira 2-3 times but as if she did not want to come.

Here my friend, who used to come to my house often, used to ask about daughter-in-law. But now it was difficult for me to avoid them too. Apart from this, I also had to know what happened because of which the daughter-in-law was refusing to come to her in-laws and Sonu’s mother-in-law was also not getting ready to send Saira back.

Therefore, one day after losing, I reached Sonu’s in-laws.

I was very well received and all the people of the house were very happy with my going there. I was trying to know why Saira is not coming back to her in-laws’ house.

Sonu’s father-in-law simply said that whenever those people spoke to Saira, Saira would just say that she would stay with them for a few days, then she would leave, because I will not get a chance to come back to her house here soon. .

I also spoke to Saira but she also gave me the same rote reply.

Now my experience which was telling me that this is definitely happening because of my sonu’s blockade.

But immediately I caught my ear and said – Lord, there should be nothing like I am thinking.

Still I wanted to know those things due to which Saira was not coming.

And such a thing could not happen at home with Saira. That is why I said to Saira – son, I have come to your city, I will not make my city rot?

Saira happily got ready. I came home on the pretext of going with Saira with permission from Saira’s mummy father. Saira sat with me in her scooty and walked with me.

For a while I wandered around talking with him. Then I asked to take Saira to a place where I could talk to her in private.

At first Saira tried to avoid me but due to my insistence she brought me to a restaurant.

There was a lot of crowd in the restaurant, so we went back from there.

So the manager asked the reason for stopping.

When I told you the reason, he told me pointing towards a cabin – Sir, this cabin is empty at this time, if you want to sit in it.

I also wanted that no one should disturb me and Saira. So I asked the manager to send me some sanac, etc. and I came inside that cabin with Saira.

As soon as I sat in the chair, I put the same question on Saira, why she does not want to go back.

But he also gave the same rote reply.

Then I took Saira’s hand in my hand and said – Look daughter, I am Sonu’s mother and father. Now if Sonu’s mother was there, she would have asked you to solve the problem.

Then I moved my point forward and said- Look son, I know that there is definitely something between you which is not able to tell me and due to which you are not coming back either.

But Saira cut my point and said- No father, there is no such thing.

“No son, it is definitely something. Otherwise tell me, how can a new married girl stay away from her in-laws? , Understand whatever you want to understand, but share your problem with me today. Because I am unable to tell my friends and relatives the reason for not coming to you.

Saying so, I started looking at him and Saira also started staring at me.

I saw a drop of tears from the corner of his eye. I took her tears in my finger and said – Saira, look, these tears are telling you that something has happened that you have got away from Sonu.

Still Saira kept staring at me without speaking.

I then rubbed her hand and said – Saira, just assume that you are talking to your friend. And tell me whatever is inside you so that I can overcome that problem.

“I want a divorce.” She uttered the word with her twisted embrace.

I was completely shocked – divorce !!! What are you saying?

My guess started going in the right direction but I wanted to hear from Saira’s mouth. “Yes Papa, I want a divorce.”

“Son divorce?” Escorts in Siliguri, but why?”

“Papa, I can’t give reasons, but I want a divorce from Sonu.”

“Son, the reason for the divorce will have to be told in the court as well. And this will embarrass me and your father both. In such a long time I have understood that till now you have not told the problem between you and Sonu to your mother and father. ”

Saira bowed her eyes to me and a strange peace ensued between us.

After a while I took the matter forward and said to Saira- Look son, I had married Sonu with great hope that there is no one in the name of a woman here and this deficiency will be fulfilled by your arrival. But you are talking about divorce without giving any reason. Think for a while, what will I tell people about what happened between my son and daughter-in-law so soon that the divorce came about.

“So Dad, there is no way other than what I do.”

“There is no way!” Is not the way! You are saying but you are not telling the problem? ”At this time, I too fretted and spoke to Saira.

Saira looked at me, her eyelids were soaked, she said with a crooked voice- Papa, it was better to marry Sonu that I would marry a middle-aged person like you.

I understood completely from this thing of my daughter-in-law Saira that Sonu mixed my name in the soil. Now, even after wishing, I cannot proceed with Saira.

Then Saira said- Father, one thing you have to ask.

“Yes yes ask son?”

“Let me forget my father and the woman inside me for your honor. But why should I take the blame for Sonu’s mistake? “

“I did not understand?”

“I am saying sorry, you will not mind.”

“No son, I will not mind.”

“Papaji, even if I kill my physical spirit, but if we don’t have a child tomorrow, only you and our friends and relatives will call me barren. While I will not be at fault and I will also be the culprit. “

“Yes, that’s it, Saira! But there is also a way that if both of you adopt a baby, people will not say.

“Then what answer will I give to my parents? If they ask why did you adopt a child? ”If I told the whole story then I would say why I did not tell them earlier. Escorts in Siliguri

If you don’t tell me more then Sonu’s mistake and punishment? “

“Hmm!” I kept quiet.

Then Saira took my hands in her hands and started caressing.

“Saira, I’m going back tomorrow morning. If you believe in me then you will also become a mother and as long as I am alive in this world you will also get the feeling of being a woman. And nobody will get a chance to say anything. “

Saira started staring at me, maybe this time I had become more selfish than anything, I was not able to see Saira.

There was silence between us for a long time and I got angry on my own when there was no response from Saira.

When things did not start again, I and Saira went back.

On the way, I bought him some clothes of his choice and said – Son, this little gift is from your father.

Until I came home, I kept thinking all the way that Saira would take my words.

After reaching home, I did not have any face-to-face with Saira and I too was in the same mood that Saira felt bad about my words.

Saira did not come before me even at dinner time.

While eating food, I told Saira’s mother and father to leave as early as the morning.

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