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Hello Friends, My name is Jeet, I am from Delhi. I am an old reader of immigration. Gangtok Escorts, Here I have read a lot of stories since college. Today I tell the story of my college time.

First, I will tell about myself. Darjeeling Escorts,I am a military and I love the country. I love reading stories on immigration. This series has been going on for a long time. Even today I continue to enjoy stories of conscience and sometimes shake cocks.

Before starting the story, let me introduce something about myself. I am a 30 year old young man. My height is 5 feet 10 inches. I am rich in good body. The work is also military, so fitness is still intact.

As far as the size of my penis is concerned, I will not say as much as other writers. Yes, the size is definitely as much as a normal man should be.

Baldev was a friend in my college time. He had a girlfriend named Aamina (name changed). Siliguri Escorts, We used to call Baldeo also Ballu. He and his girlfriend were having an affair for a long time. Everything had happened between them from love to sex.

For Ballu, Amina was nothing more than a timepass. While Amina looked quite serious about Ballu. Despite Amina, Ballu kept many more girls trapped. Amina did not know about me but I had seen Amina. Ballu also showed me his pics.

Amina was sitting here expecting a lot from Ballu. She was not giving up her pursuit. Ballu, the poor, started getting worried. Aamina used to take off on spying Ballu all the time.

Being upset, Ballu told me this thing one day. Escorts in Gangtok, He started saying – Jeetu dude, somehow get rid of me from this girl.

I assured him that his work will be done soon.

I started thinking of how to take Amina away from Ballu. In those days, we were at the peak of our youth, so there was more brain in all these things. We often used to go to see the film.

One day, a thought came to my mind that if someone else comes in his life to reduce the attachment of Amina, then the matter can be made. I thought that in order to divert Escorts in Darjeeling Amina’s attention, she would have to draw her attention to someone else.

I have always had confidence in myself and I was adept at impressing a girl since college. By the grace of God, I had a good height and color. Escorts in Siliguri,When Banka was young, girls were soon set.

Due to my physical characteristics, I was able to beat many sexy girls. I also knew that if I step in Amina’s life, then her attention will be lost. For him, there was no better option than Aamina.

Now the question was, how should I talk to him. Then Ballu gave me his number. I called her girlfriend Aamina and said that the number was mistaken.

I did this one or two times and during this time two or four things happened to him. He liked my way of talking and in this way our conversation started.

Our friendship was established within a few days. Ballu did not give him time, so slowly his attention started coming towards me. We were growing closer. I already knew about Amina but she did not know that this is all Ballu and my thoughtful tricks.

While doing so, love of him was also expressed. It was also in my mind that I am cheating him but whenever I thought about telling him the truth, I also found myself trapped.

If he looked at Amina, he considered himself guilty. On the other hand, I also wanted to keep Ballu happy. So I had no other way than to proceed with Amina.

But one day I thought that if I would go ahead with it, Gangtok Call Girls, then after telling everything the truth to it. Similarly, one day we both planned to meet.

Ammi Abbu of Aamina used to work both. Aamina invited me to meet her at her house. He had never seen me before. She did not know that Ballu and my friendship are from long ago.

At that time there were no such things as Facebook or WhatsApp. Darjeeling Call Girls, But the phones came in trend. Ballu showed me a photo of Amina in her phone. She was a 5 feet 3 inch height girl. Punjabi was a milk-like white, beautiful and fit with color.Seeing Ballu’s setting, anyone could start dreaming to take him under his cock. Could fuck her and drink her youthful juices.

So friends, I reached her house at the time of Aamina’s day. When he opened the gate, I saw that he was wearing a kilt. I just kept looking at him. Was she looking good in those clothes? She looked amazingly beautiful

I used to call him Mannu affectionately. After entering, he closed the gate and took me in hand. Then he asked me to walk upstairs. His living room was there.

After making me sit, Siliguri Call Girls, she went to get snacks for me, etc. Then both of us sat and started talking here and there. While talking, she had moved closer to me. Suddenly he caught my hand. She started saying that she feels very lonely.

Speaking of this, he hugged me with his neck. I also got lost. We both started kissing each other right there. After a few moments, both of us were kissing each other like crazy and kissing.

My Aloda was tanned. Then she got up. My cock had made the whole tent. He asked me to walk in the bedroom in the same condition. She took me to her bedroom. My cock in my pants was made into a tent, which was moving here and there. My cock was lifting the pants separately.

Going inside again, the body of both of them became like one. She started drinking my lips and I started drinking her lips. Then we smoked each other for about 10 minutes. We were not taking the name of separation from each other.

After drinking the juice of her lips for a long time, I turned her t-shirt up. I started to see her bra. I started pressing her boobs on top of the bra.Then I started thinking that I have reached all this with the help of lies. When he comes to know the truth, he will definitely be shocked. He might get away from me.

I heard the voice of my heart and stayed there. I separated from him and sat down. She too was shocked. He took down the t-shirt. Then started asking me what happened to me immediately. I told him about Ballu.

Everyone told him what was the purpose of my mother’s life. He really felt bad after knowing the truth. She fell silent and started thinking.

Then she said – Come on, no problem, at least you showed courage to tell the truth.

I was sitting still hanging my face.

Then he said something that all the distances ended in a jolt.

She bid – Ballu’s mother’s pussy! I have fallen in love with you now. Ballu should take oil. I do not care about that

I saw her and she broke on my lips.

Both of them started sucking each other again. The t-shirt that she had taken down soon, now that bra was removed from her body. She became naked from above. I pressed her pussy in my hands.

I started kissing her boobs. He started sucking them and started sucking while sucking. She also kept pressing my mouth on her boob, sounding like crazy.

Slowly I took my hand down and put it in her lehenga. I pressed her soft pussy on top of her panties. He gave his consent to fuck me in my eyes.

She said- Take off your clothes too.

I also removed all my clothes without delay. I also took off my underwear. I started kissing on her whole body.After a while, we both took a position of 69. He took my cock in his mouth. She started sucking my cock in her mouth with great pleasure. I kissed her thighs too.

Kiss around her pussy. After doing a kiss on her pussy, I started teasing her pussy with a finger. With just my finger, I started to provoke her pussy.

Realizing my intention, she quickly lifted her legs and spread them. She started pointing at me to insert cocks. Where was I going to stay? I spit on Amina’s pussy.

Spitting on the pussy, I put the cocks on her pussy. Once I rubbed the cocks on top of her pussy. She started to suffer. She had been fuck with Ballu many times before. He had a lot of experience of sex. So everything was in a hurry.

I rubbed cocks on her pussy and then pushed the cocks in her pussy. I enjoyed it as soon as the top of my cock went inside her pussy. It was a very fun feeling. A wave of joy ran on both of their faces.

After that I started to bang her pussy. Now with each hit, the enjoyment of both of us started increasing. Also, the speed of pussy fuck was also increasing.

If I wanted, I could have kept her pussy torn as well. But I believe that it is not necessary to give pain to the partner. Rather fuck should be done in such a way that he will enjoy every moment spent with you.

Some people say that put the whole in a single stroke. I think all of that is wrong. Love should be done in the same way. I was trying my best to keep Amina happy.

Mmmm was busy fucking under my cock. Now the alcoholic cigarettes were coming out of his mouth- Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… Jeet, Love You…

I also started asking Amina out of the cock inside Amina’s pussy – Amina darling, how do you feel?

That quote – is enjoying a lot. I have never enjoyed this much with Ballu.

Hearing this, I became more excited. I started fucking him very hard.

Then I put both his legs on my shoulder. This exposed Amina’s pussy. I again set the cocks on her pussy. My cock was completely smooth in her pussy juice. Her pussy was also completely smooth.

By setting the cocks on her pussy, I started jerking vigorously. With this, my cock started penetrating her pussy inside. I now began to fuck her pussy fiercely. In return, she was also enjoying picking up her ass with fun.

After fucking in this pose for a while, I asked him to sit on cocks. I loved this pose the most.

I lay down straight away. Aamina opened her legs and started sitting on my cock. Sitting slowly, he took almost 7 inch long cock in my pussy.

Now the position was such that cocks had entered her stomach, so she was in pain. Then he handled his weight with my hands on my thighs, then he got some relief.

Then I started banging her pussy from below. After a few moments, she started jumping on my cock comfortably. Aamina started fucking in fun. I also picked up my ass while accelerating my speed and started fucking her pussy.

She kept jumping on my erect cocks and I started feeling supreme pleasure. After two minutes, he removed his Premaras on my cock. My cock became more greasy now. Amina’s pussy juice was filled with lust.

Now I started banging her pussy fast. After two minutes, I also fell in Amina’s pussy. We lay down for a while. After a while, there was a lull in Chudai again.

A round again happened on his bed. Then we got up and went to the bathroom. Go there and clean each other. Even half an hour of fun in the bathroom. Fucked once again there.

After that, they were bathed and freed. I gave her a contraceptive pill. I stayed with Aamina till evening that day. We also had a meal together.

When it was time for his family members to come, I came from there. From that day onwards Amina became convinced of my love. After that whenever I got a chance, I used to reach to kill her pussy. She was very happy with me.

The line that Amina had spoken – Ballu’s Ammi’s pussy! I recorded it on the phone and then one day later heard that recording on Ballu. After that, we friends made fun of Ballu for a long time.

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